Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't tell Korean-Canadian Christians who they are!

Don't tell Korean-Canadian Christians who they are, unless they are eager to know who they are.

There is an allegory of cave. There were people living in a cave. It was dark. So, no one could tell who they were because they just cannot see each other properly. They lived their life in darkness and thought it was normal, until one of them found a way out to the bright place outside of the cave. After spending much time, the pilgrim came back because he wanted to tell the rest of the people to enjoy the light and learn how they look like. When the pilgrim went back to the cave and told what he had seen, the people in the cave got scared and afraid. They did not want to come out to the light, and they killed him in order to bury the truth about the world outside of the cave and their identity.

This allegory is told by Plato. And I want to retell the story in Korean-Canadian Christian setting.

A person who discovered his identity went back to a Korean-Canadian Christian church to tell them who they are, that Korean-Canadian Christian identity is a God-given identity that they are to live out, and that the hyphen in-between is the proper identity that God has called us to live. Half of them were afraid and hated being connected to Korean heritage. The other half were afraid that they are not Canadian enough because they couldn't speak the language fluently. So they decided to bury the truth about them with the person, by blaming and persecuting that person as the disturber of the normal identity of confusion.

Jesus had the similar experience in proclaiming the Gospel, and telling people that the King is God, and that people are all subjects to God. People didn't want to hear because they thought they already had a king/emperor and authorities in King Herod, pharisees, saducees, high priests, etc. Being confined in the darkness of such worldly identity, they sought to kill him and they did. Jesus was the perfect scapgoat to blame their fears and hide their true identity as children of God. They did not want to see the world of God or the kingdom of God, they just wanted to be comfortable in their old ways of life.

So, don't tell Korean-Canadian Christians that they are the Korean-Canadian Christians because all they will do is to crucify you, unless they have tasted the world of the Light.

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